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In Finding a Digital Letter-form, Gang explores the hazy relationship between computers and human co-workers, by interfering with the computer’s set of rules and his own intuitive guidance to create a plethora of letter-forms. Using what he dubs as ‘the pastry-like process’ Buron-Yi imitates the operation of building the dessert by adding layers of an intuitive choice followed by systematic executions, folded, flipped, and repeated. His final video expands on the process and showcases the shapes that emerged, portraying both order and chaos. Who is truly responsible for the new letterforms, machine or human? Gang proves that the actual designer is not solely the one behind the mouse or the digital system itself but a newfound hybrid brain as a result of the co-creation process.

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Lettering 2020 Graduation Project
Press: It’s Nice That
Recognition: Projects to watch-Dutch Designers Association (BNO)

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